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Gregory J. Rowe-Pasos, M.A.
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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
533A Castro Street San Francisco, CA 94114-2511
(415) 857-3193
500 Chestnut St Suite 175A Santa Cruz, CA 95060-3674
(831) 708-8381
533A Castro Street San Francisco, CA 94114-2511
(415) 857-3193
500 Chestnut St Suite 175A Santa Cruz, CA 95060-3674
(831) 708-8381
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Personal Statement

Personal Statement:
People find me easy to trust: I'm the kind of guy they share intimate stories with on planes. And - lucky for me - I'm fascinated with how we tick. I usually find myself full of curiosity; eager to discover the motivations and obstacles behind these complex brains of ours. I tend to be quite hands-on: to help you find just the right strategy for you or your couple to get out of whatever is making you uncomfortable - making room for more choices. I tend to be quite interactive - I like to make sure we're clear about our goal (even if sometimes it means we're lingering - working on not having a goal). Most of my clients tell me they appreciate the ways I engage with them, pull them out gently and also offer them simple practical tools. Many times I am in awe of the tender things that people confide in me. I devour TED talks and books on brains, "freakonomics" and fMRI's. I read about politics and history and geography. I'm fascinated by exploring the many roadways possible to make concrete change happen in our lives. Many of my clients didn't come from soothing families and found effective ways to soothe: deep workaholism, chronic online browsing, midnight fridge-raiding, implacable pessimism, highly-skilled intimacy avoidance, etc. They often come to me when these things don't work anymore and they need a boost to change strategies. The more I work in mental health the more I focus on couples: let's face it intimate relationships are hard and yet we all desire them. For me couples counseling is not just a way to fix the couple - it's a tool to help both partners differentiate, grow, expand and get creative. In sessions we practice simple skills with our partner like speaking more and more of our truth, listening without judging, practicing "It's not about me" - all of these are skills that make us more effective out in the non-couple world.

About My Practice

Office Hours
I share my time between San Francisco, Santa Cruz and some online therapy hours.
>>>> Relationships and sexuality tend to be a core part of my work: folks grappling with finding the right sexual language in a couple, coming out as gay, accepting a partner's sexual differences. A lot of times I help people embrace sexuality as a way to build intimacy instead of a way to "check out". >>>> I help a lot of people who have "hit a wall" and don't know how to move forward. Financial, physical, relational, professional...the wall can take many shapes and sizes. Together we build strategies to find resources - both inner and outer - to get around. I get to watch marvel as people go from being stuck to having hope and joy in their lives. >>> Lately I have worked with people who hide out behind a computer screen and can't seem to break themselves of it. Most of the time it comes down to working on developing a strategy to practice being out in the real world, with real people.
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I have a double masters in Clinical Psychology and Social Psychology. I hold a certificate in Political Science and Journalism

Area of Specialty

ADHD-Attn Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
Attachment Therapy
CoDependant/Adult Children of Alcoholics
Communication Skills
Creative Solutions
Eating Disorders
Ethnicity/Multi-Cultural Relationships
Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming
Grief/Loss Terminally Ill
HIV Related
Issues of Abuse (Abused)
Issues of Abuse (Offenders)
Life Transitions/Mid-Life Issues
Men's Issues
Persons With Disabilities
Pre-Marriage Counseling
Religious/Spiritual Orientation
Sexual Dysfunction
Self Esteem/Personal Growth
Single Parents
Telephone/Online Therapy
Terminally Ill
Working With Therapists


Theoretical Orientation
Eclectic (Many Therapies)
Family Systems
Transactional Analysis/Redecision
I have worked as a travel writer, a chef, a translator, an art critic and a patient advocate in hospitals -- all of which have taken me to nearly 30 countries. I've worked in corporate jobs, government jobs and non-profit jobs. I was raised in the Michigan countryside and blossomed as a young adult in Paris - a city of over 2 million people. Of all my jobs being a therapist in my 50's is the most rewarding.
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