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Carl H. Shubs, PhD
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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
321 S. Beverly Drive, Suite L Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 772-0520
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Personal Statement

Personal Statement:
OVERVIEW My primary interest in therapy has been in helping people to find and be their true Self. It's like in the commercial: be all you can be. This means looking at who you really are, the relationships you are in, and what stops you from having the life you want. It also means getting help in learning what isn't working, understanding why it's not working, and changing things so your life does work for you. I see therapy as a process of self-discovery: a careful, supportive exploration of how you act, think, feel, and relate to others today and how those all have been affected by your life experiences. It is also an opportunity to grow and develop new and more effective ways of interacting and communicating in your relationships. In therapy with me you may gain the awareness that comes from understanding, the freedom from outmoded patterns of acting and reacting, the strength to tolerate life's pains, and the capacity to tolerate its pleasures. The result is what I think we all want: the ability to feel good about yourself, to enjoy yourself, and to have satisfying relationships with others. VICTIMS OF VIOLENT CRIME If you or a family member have been a victim of violent crime, I give you a place where you can feel safe and where you can honestly and openly talk about what happened to you or your family member and how it still effects you, even when your friends and family don't want to or can't stand to hear about it any longer. I will help you to understand why you are reacting as you do, even when you may feel out of control and maybe even a little crazy. I will also give you ways to work through the psychological and emotional impact of what happened and to help you get your life back. People often discover new skills, strengths, and internal resources that either they never knew they had or that they have only now developed. I also want you to know that if you or your family member is a victim of violent crime, you may be eligible for therapy at no cost to you. GAY/LESBIAN ISSUES While I work with heterosexuals, as most psychologists do, I also work with many gay, bisexual, or lesbian people, both individually and in couples. Some people come in because they are questioning their sexual orientation. You may be in a process of self-examination and self-discovery, and you will be the one to decide what your sexual orientation and identity is rather than have me or anyone else tell you what it is. You may be in a process of coming out, and together we can consider if, when, how, and with whom you decide to do that. I will be your sounding board, your dis-information advocate, your guide, and your ally. Sometimes, though, people come in being very clear and comfortable with their sexual orientation, whatever that may be. If you are looking for a safe place where you can be open about who you are, use honest words like "he" when referring to your male partner, talk candidly about your sexual practices, and maybe also frankly discuss how HIV has impacted your life or your relationships, then I'm happy to be able to give that to you. MIND/BODY My education and my own therapy have taught me that the mind and body are functionally identical. What you think can affect how you feel, and what you feel affects how think. So, I work at both levels, with people who are interested in doing that. In addition to traditional talk therapy, I am also able to work somatically (with the body) to help you resolve your emotional problems, discover deeper levels of understanding and resolution, and realize more of your potential for pleasure and joy in living. In my own life, my focus on the somatic aspects has enabled me to feel more alive, connected, and integrated, and I am glad to provide you with an opportunity to find that for yourself too. For people who aren't interested in the somatic work, I am happy to stay strictly in a talk-therapy mode. CONCLUSION I see my role as an ally, guide, and navigator on your journey. I have made my own journey of self-exploration, and I see myself as continuously pursuing that voyage. I can offer support and encouragement when the going is rough, and I can also share in your pleasures and joy in living. I can help with identifying and working through obstacles, and I will work with you to increase your sense of internal harmony, to enhance your ability to relate to others honestly, openly, and deeply, and to help you feel more productive, effective, and joyful in everyday living. You set the course, and I'll help you get there.

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Office Hours
Hours vary with days and current schedule. Please inquire.
Individual Couple Family Psychotherapy Adults/Adolescents: Specializing with trauma {incident -- [Victims of violent crime, all types including rape, child abuse (physical and/or sexual), domestic violence, car jacking, assault, kidnapping] -- as well as developmental [normal yet traumatic difficulties of growing up] Gay/Lesbian Issues Addictions [Substances (alcohol, drugs) and/or Behaviors (sex, porn, computers, gambling, spending/debting, food)] Anxiety Depression
Any Insurance Eligible
Credit Cards Accepted
Free Initial Consult
Offers Teletherapy


Ph.D. Psychology, 1982 M.A. Psychology, 1978

Area of Specialty

Assertiveness Training
Attachment Therapy
Avoidant Personality
CoDependant/Adult Children of Alcoholics
Communication Skills
Creative Solutions
Depression/Clinical Depression
Domestic Violence
Eating Disorders
Issues of Abuse (Abused)
Issues of Abuse (Trauma)
Life Transitions/Mid-Life Issues
Men's Issues
Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder
Personality Disorders
Play Therapy
Pre-Marriage Counseling
Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
Rape Victims
Self Esteem/Personal Growth
Victims of Crime
Working With Therapists


Theoretical Orientation
Eclectic (Many Therapies)
Family Systems
Object Relations
Other, e.g. NLP, EMDR, etc.
Self Psychology
APA Certificate of Proficiency in Substance Abuse
Languages Spoken
Caucasian (Non-Hispanic)

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