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Kathryn A. Downing, M.A.
Professional Title:
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
4444 Riverside Dr #205 Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 845-0151
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Personal Statement

Personal Statement:
"Getting over it" isn't always just that easy. And hearing such a thing can feel quite hurtful, and counterproductive. People have a wide range of very upsetting events in their lives, and whether such an event qualifies as a "Big T Trauma" or not, it can still leave scars that affect one's behavior & emotions in the present. But such wounds can heal, even many years after the event. Whether someone collided with your car last week, or you were bullied 20 years ago, whether it was a week ago or a decade ago, sometimes, a person just gets stuck. Whether an event was so profoundly destructive that you never talked about it - or so annoying that you can't quit talking about it! - help is available. Traumas come in dozens of varieties – Thankfully, there are a number of ways to get through such events and have more peace and less suffering in your life. So if you find yourself feeling frozen or paralyzed, if you can't seem to move forward in your life, if you are creatively stuck, or experience inexplicable emotions, if you can't just "get over it," please call. Let me help. Together, we can work through these feelings. And maybe you can tell, from our first phone call, whether or not you might feel comfortable enough to come in to see if you are comfortable enough in person. And when talk therapy isn’t quite enough, even though it may be necessary, we can speed your recovery, with some additional options – EFT, EMDR, OEI (Observed & Experiential Integration), to name a few. These can help focus your therapy and make quicker, more recognizable steps forward in recovery from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), so that you feel better, sooner. You can Search my name for my website.

About My Practice

Office Hours
Monday through Thursday, 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Trauma Recovery Individual Counseling Couples' Counseling Dissociative Disorders (DP, DID, more) E.M.D.R. ( E.F.T. ( ) Observed & Experiential Integration (formerly One-Eye Integration at
Call Office for Insurance Accepted, Private Pay, Sliding Scale, Victims of Crime
Credit Cards Accepted
Free Initial Consult
Offers Teletherapy


M.A., Phillips Graduate Institute, 1985

Area of Specialty

Communication Skills
Issues of Abuse (Abused)
Issues of Abuse (Trauma)
Life Transitions/Mid-Life Issues
Personality Disorders
Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
Rape Victims
Religious/Spiritual Orientation
Victims of Crime
Working With Therapists


Theoretical Orientation
EMDR-Eye Movement Desensitization/ Reprocessing
Family Systems
Other, e.g. NLP, EMDR, etc.
E.M.D.R. Certified One-Eye Integration Certified
Languages Spoken
Caucasian (Non-Hispanic)

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