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Kevin Glenn
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Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Associate
659 Abrego St. Suite-3 Monterey, CA 93940 UNITED STATES
(571) 341-7239
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Personal Statement

Personal Statement:
I am a counselor-educator who assists individuals, groups, couples, and families in overcoming the challenges associated with emotional pain. I have extensive experience helping children, adolescents, and adults in enhancing their ability to navigate and overcome depression, anxiety, self-doubt, and relationship issues. During our client-centered, solution-focused sessions, I will utilize mindfulness-informed, cognitive-behavior therapy to examine and challenge the unhealthy thoughts that are causing distress and disrupting your level of functioning in daily life. As greater insight is gained during our sessions, we will work on restoring your confidence, enhancing your capabilities, and setting goals. I utilize mindfulness-informed, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to aid clients in becoming more aware of their thoughts, feelings, reactions, and behaviors. As insight in gained, we work to restructure, what are often irrational thoughts, and develop coping skills and strategies towards reducing symptoms, alleviating pain, and solving problems. In addition to utilizing a CBT approach, I incorporate interventions developed by Dr. Ed Jacobs called Impact Therapy (IT). Based on the belief that change is not only spurred by verbal exchanges but also by visual and kinesthetic exchanges, IT utilizes action and imagery to provoke thoughts and emotions.

About My Practice

Office Hours
Thursdays:8am-8pm Fridays: 8am-6pm
Age Demographic(s) Type of Client(s) a) Children (10yrs-18yrs) (boys and girls)Utilizing my background as a school counselor and teacher, the types of clients in this demographic include: -Children dealing with Social and Emotional Adjustment Issues, Depression, Anxiety and Learning Disabilities (ADHD) that have stripped them of their sense of self-efficacy, self-esteem, and sense of belonging. b) 18yrs-32 (Emergent Adults) (Men and Woman)Utilizing my personal experience as well as my experiences working with clients in this age bracket on several college campuses, the type of client would include: -Young people struggling to come to terms with past disappointments, adverse childhood(life) experiences(traumas) and/or disappointment with their present state of life (job, health, relationship status) that inhibit their ability to recognize their value and sense of worth. c) * Men of All Ages: The type of client in this demographic may be experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety due to the loss of or inability to find or sustain meaningful relationships (incl. romantic). They may isolate themselves from others and have poor coping strategies including: drinking, using drugs or engaging in activities that sustain their disconnection. Note: My training, philosophy and experiences are multiculturally and socially focused. Therefore, I honor the individual before me and always make efforts to understand their background and unique situations. Outside of my own, I am most familiar with Japanese culture as I lived there for more than 5yrs, speak the language, and have been married to a Japanese woman for almost 15 years.
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MasterCard, Visa
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George Mason University:Post-Master's Counseling Licensure Certificate (LPCC-eligible George Masoon University: MEd. in Counseling and Development: School Counseling Concentration The Pennsylvania State University: B.A. in Elementary and Kindergarten Education

Area of Specialty

ADHD-Attn Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
Assertiveness Training
Career Stress and Changes
Communication Skills
Creative Solutions
Depression/Clinical Depression
Employment Issues
Ethnicity/Multi-Cultural Relationships
Group Therapy
Life Transitions/Mid-Life Issues
Learning Disabilities
Men's Issues


Theoretical Orientation
Brief/Solution Focused Therapy
Eclectic (Many Therapies)
-BBS-Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (APCC5184) -CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing: Pupil Personnel Services Credential (School Counselor)
Languages Spoken
English, Japanese

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