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Stephen Martin, M.S.
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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
700 Kelmore St Moss Beach, CA 94038-9710
(650) 726-1212
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Personal Statement:
More information about me can be found at I specialize in both business consultation and marriage and family therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area. With over 37 years of experience in private practice, I will guide you through any disruption in your marriage or your family. My work is short term in nature, result oriented, and guaranteed. I bill for services at $200 per hour. I do not accept insurance as payment for services, but I will assist you in getting reimbursement from your insurance carrier. Clear goals are established, and I hold both you and myself accountable for producting the results. Before selecting a therapist, call or email for an in depth consultation to discuss what is possible if you should consult with me. If I am not the appropriate therapist for you, I shall guide you in the right direction.

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I provide Marriage and Family Therapy, and business consultation. My private practice in Moss Beach, CA 30 from downtown San Francisco. My business consulting is done through Success Training Institute. I am the President of the Institute. As a licensed MFT I provide brief therapy for issues that need resolution. I also provide a comprehensive marital assessment after talking with both individuals in the marriage separately, and then clarifying the areas of strength and weakness within your relationship in conjoint therapy. This process takes approximately three hours; two hours in individual therapy, and one hour to clarify the areas of your marriage that need attention. This process is a comprehensive assessment of your strengths and weakness in your marriage with a clear understanding guiding you to improve your marriage. Check out my web site at for a free confidential web test on the strengths and weakness in your marriage.
No Insurance Accepted
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Free Initial Consult
Offers Teletherapy


M.S., E.D., Marriage & Family therapy, U.S.C., 1979

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Eclectic (Many Therapies)
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Caucasian (Non-Hispanic)

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