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Is it Stress or DepressionIs it Stress or Depression?
How can we differentiate between
stress and depression? Although
chronic stress and depression can
affect our bodies in similar ways,
there are key differences. In order
to determine whether you’re dealing
with stress or depression, it’s
important to understand the signs and symptoms of both.

How to find an accepting Therapist How to Find an Accepting Therapist
Are you or someone you love considering
psychotherapy? Are you unsure about
what kind of therapist is most effective?
Beginning counseling is a positive step
in reducing painful anxiety, depression,
addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder,
along with a host of other mental health
issues that cause us distress. It can also be about getting to know ourselves more deeply — what our needs, desires and values are — and increasing our ability to live more authentically in the world, to really enjoy our life.

Healthy Minds Matter   
   There are more than 200 classifications of mental health
   disorders, and 1 in 5 Californians will experience some form
   of a mental disorder during their lifetime. To mitigate
   debilitating impact of mental illness, the California
   Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
   reminds Californians to recognize any warning signs or
   marked personality changes that may lead to serious
   health conditions. Read More.


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