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Ms. Amy D. Klatzkin, M.A.
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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
3323 Sacramento St. San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 857-2586
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Marriage & Family Therapist

Personal Statement

Personal Statement:
My practice is dedicated to children, parents, teens, and families. I specialize in attachment, adoption, adoptive and foster families, and nontraditional and complicated families of all kinds. I have extensive training in Child-Parent Psychotherapy, early childhood trauma, complex trauma, and PTSD in children & adults as well as domestic violence, anxiety, and depression. As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, my approach is relational: I believe that growth and change take place within a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship marked by empathy, insight, understanding, and acceptance. Therapy can help children and adults regulate stress and increase well-being, and it can strengthen attachment between parents and children. Secure attachment in turn promotes resilience, and resilient children have a much easier time overcoming other challenges. Based in attachment theory, my theoretical orientation integrates psychodynamic, developmental, trauma, social learning, cognitive behavioral, and mindfulness theories. I believe in doing what works for a specific child, teen, or family. Because every child and every family is unique, I work collaboratively with clients—and, if appropriate, with schools and professionals in other fields—to provide a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan. I am keenly aware of and experienced in the transformative potential of parenting. I believe that the normal and predictable challenges of growing up adopted are not pathological. I am sensitive to multicultural issues as well as racial, religious, sexual, and gender diversity. My work is compassionate and respectful. I have been working as a counselor and psychotherapist since 2006. Before opening my private practice in 2012, I counseled adolescents at an inner-city middle school, co-facilitated groups of internationally adopted girls at the Family Attachment & Adoption Center of the East Bay, and worked with parents and children at UCSF Child Trauma Research Program.

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*Adoption-competent family, child-parent, and adolescent therapy. *Child-Parent Psychotherapy for early childhood trauma and insecure attachment/RAD. *Family narrative therapy for insecure attachment/RAD and trauma with older children *Integrative psychotherapy for teens and adults Adoption-competent family, child-parent, and adolescent therapy addresses the normal and predictable challenges of growing up adopted as well as the unique concerns of each child and family. I believe that the family is the primary healing agent for children. Whether I’m seeing clients in family therapy, child-parent therapy, or individual adolescent therapy, I work with adopted children and teens from an attachment and family systems perspective. Many emotional and behavior problems stem from pre-adoption experiences that get in the way of establishing secure attachment with adoptive parents. The fact is, for an insecurely attached child, a secure relationship with a therapist is not enough. The relationship that matters most is the one between parent and child. For that reason, I recommend family or child-parent therapy whenever possible. When working with adoptive families, I begin with a thorough assessment of current concerns and functioning, identifying not only problem areas but also the strengths and resiliencies of adoptive families to support their children’s development. I work collaboratively with parents to: Establish treatment goals and create an individualized treatment plan. Provide guidance in expectations and strategies to help their children thrive. Treat the mental health issues stemming from pre-adoption trauma, neglect, abuse, institutional and other suboptimal care, and multiple disruptions in primary caregivers. Facilitate the expression of loss, grief, rejection, and abandonment that underlie the adoption experience. “What’s shareable is bearable" (Dan Siegel). Enhance family relationships and family functioning. Connect with teachers and other professionals as needed to support the whole child and family. Adoption-competent therapy is open-ended. Families first access therapy to help them through difficult times as the normal and predictable challenges of adoption arise. Because adoption is a lifelong journey, adoption issues dealt with in therapy in the past often resurface as children reach later stages of social, emotional, and cognitive development and struggle to understand their life story in a more mature and complex way. For that reason, I do not "terminate" with adoptive families—unlike traditional therapeutic relationships, which end when the goals of therapy have been met. Adopted children have had enough broken relationships already. After the presenting issues have been resolved, I remain available for occasional consultation, booster sessions, or the resumption of regular sessions to address new challenges or normative crises that may arise. My open-door policy invites families to maintain a relationship with me so they feel comfortable returning to an adoption-competent therapist who knows their history and whom they know and trust. “The experience of adoption – like any other experience – is not static. It changes with time as the forces of development shape and reshape the way we think, feel, relate and grow. Thus, the meaning and implications of being adopted, to the individual, are bounded by time and circumstances. How it feels to be adopted at the age of four is different from how it feels at the age of eight, sixteen, twenty-four, forty or seventy-five.” –David Brodzinski, Being Adopted: The Lifelong Search for Self
Out-of-Network coverage, Victims of Crime
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M.A. in Counseling Psychology, University of San Francisco B.A. & M.A., Stanford University

Area of Specialty

Attachment Therapy
Childhood Trauma
Depression/Clinical Depression
Domestic Violence
Ethnicity/Multi-Cultural Relationships
Issues of Abuse (Abused)
Issues of Abuse (Trauma)
Play Therapy
Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
Single Parents
Step/Blended Families
Victims of Crime


Theoretical Orientation
Eclectic (Many Therapies)
EMDR-Eye Movement Desensitization/ Reprocessing
Family Systems
Object Relations
Child-Parent Psychotherapy Building Adoption Competency for Mental Health Professionals
Languages Spoken
English, Mandarin

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