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Gale M. Denning-Mailloux, M.A.
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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
P.O. Box 665 Bonsall, CA 92003-0665
(760) 726-1625
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Personal Statement

Personal Statement:
With over 25 years of experience in working with families, as a childbirth educator, parenting educator and Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, I assist clients address the hurts, pains and joys of yesterday and today, using Art Therapy and interactive talk therapy, in a unique garden-setting country retreat. I believe that the process of change is grounded in exploring and addressing what we learned about relationships in our Family of Origin (the families in which we were raised), and how we learn it. The patterns we established in our families are repeated in other relationships throughout our lives: partners, children, family, employment. We may be unaware of the power and influence of these early ;relationships and will find ourselves experiencing difficulty, misunderstanding, and disappointment as we seek to have new outcomes using old habits and self-limiting beliefs.

When couples realize their relationship could use a lot more attention, too often the belief is that "things will get better...somehow.." things generally don't get better. A sobering statistic is that 5-7 years pass before the couple seek help. By then too much hurt and anger may have caused too much damage, with divorce viewed as the only option. It is not, but much dedicated, focused work is the other option.

When divorce is the best option, families go through "restructuring" - the ending of the marital relationship with the building of the Co-Parenting relationship (a "Limited Business Partnership"). Children DO suffer in divorce and can be supported to turn their now-upsidedown world back to one of which they can make sense. Too often, parents assume that "the kids are okay, they're not talking about it, they seem fine..." AND they need help because they are not fine, despite all the wishes of their parents. Generally, children may need 1-3 years to make the adjustments and transitions to two houses, schedules, etc. IF they have parents who are ready to assist them. When children have to figure it out themselves, it may take years.

Relationships need nourishment and nuturing. All relationships. Including those in the restructured family.

Working with these children and adults to get back on track, to live lives that have meaning and depth, is a great privilege for me. I look forward to hearing from you.

About My Practice

Office Hours
Monday-Thursday, day and early evening appointments
Individual, Couples, Family and Children;
Groups: "Just for the Frog of It" because divorce is a metamorphosis Art Therapy Groups for Children of Divorce, ages 7-11;
Parents Resource Groups: "Nobody Asked Me!" for divorced/separated parents to understand the emotional process of their children as they experience parental divorce; "Where's The Manual!?!" for all parents who want more joy, confidence facing the most challenging work with the least amount of support.
Out-of-Network coverage
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Offers Teletherapy


M.A., Phillips Graduate Institute, 1990 B.A., Loyola Marymount, 1968

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Theoretical Orientation
Eclectic (Many Therapies)
Art Therapist Co-Parenting Specialist
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Caucasian (Non-Hispanic)

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