Dealing with Homesickness

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Dealing withHomesicknessDealing with Homesickness

Whether you’re settling into college life, traveling abroad, or making a big move into a new city, leaving home can feel both exciting and overwhelming. In this new transition, one may experience feelings of excitement, novelty, and empowerment during the first few weeks or even months. Along with these positive emotions, it is also common to feel homesick when you are far from home and adjusting to a new environment. Thankfully, there are ways you can adjust into the transition. Here are a few tips on how to deal with homesickness.

  1. Focus on the positive aspects – It can be easy to get swept up in the negative aspects, especially amidst the current stress. It’s good to remember that as time passes, your emotions and situation can change with time. Try to remember why you moved in the first place. Hold on to the positive elements of your new environment.
  2. Connect with your old community – If you are finding yourself missing your family or the friends you have back home, schedule a time you can give them a call. It’s important to stay connected with those you love. This can help provide emotional support and encouragement. But it’s also important not to call home too often. Investing too much time with the people back home can prevent you from adjusting to your new environment.
  3. Invest time in your new community – Make an effort to reach out and get involved in your new surroundings. Building a new social group takes time, but it will help you adjust to your new life and overcome homesickness. Try community volunteering or find meet up groups through Facebook pages or other social media outlets.
  4. Keep a journal – Writing your current feelings and emotions in a journal can help you process your circumstances. It can also be a good way to look back and reflect on how far you have come. You will have good days and bad ones, and keeping track of your process will help you remember that these days will come and go.
  5. Seek professional support – Adjusting to a new environment means coping with a new daily routine, social group, and different lifestyle, which can sometimes be overwhelming. If you are experiencing long periods of sadness, or if your emotions are consistently interfering with your daily routine, consider seeking support. Counseling California provides a directory with access to thousands of qualified therapists located across the state who can offer you genuine support. Find a therapist in your zip code that can help you process your transition.

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