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The Benefits of Premarital Counseling

The Benefits of Premarital Counseling

Planning for marriage can bring up feelings of novelty, excitement, nervousness, and joy. In addition to wedding and family planning, pre-marriage preparation should include premarital counseling. Couples who seek out therapy before marriage have a higher chance of increasing marital satisfaction and a long-term success rate as compared to couples who don’t seek professional guidance. Counseling provides an opportunity for couples to connect better, resolve and prevent issues, and build a solid foundation. The following are a few ways therapy can be beneficial.

Premarital Counseling Provides an Opportunity to:

Address Past & Potential Problems

Couples have the opportunity to address past, personal issues that will inevitably affect the new marriage. Each individual has a personal history and may carry emotional baggage into an upcoming marriage. Therapy can help address these issues and bring solutions to prevent and solve future problems. Couples can additionally address money disagreements, planning for children, and other factors early on in the relationship.

Build Communication Skills

Learning how to communicate clearly will greatly contribute to a happy marriage. It’s important for spouses to freely and safely express their desires, discomforts, needs, and dreams with one another. Premarital counseling provides couples with the skills and tools to clearly communicate even during tough times.

Help Couples Plan for the Future

A counselor can help couples set goals for their relationship– from emotional, psychological, to physical goals - and plan for their future. This may include topics such as family planning, career choice, plans for handling conflict, sex life, and teamwork. Couples can address personal goals and how that may align with their spouse’s vision. This gives you the opportunity to openly discuss your expectations for your future together.

Reveal New Things About Couples

Counseling creates a safe space to open up the dialog to learn things about each other you may not have previously known. Counselors can help facilitate hard conversations and bring out important information that a partner might have been reluctant to share. By getting to know each other, for better or worse, you show that both parties are mentally and emotionally prepared to deal with issues that may arise.

Premarital counseling helps strengthen relationships and build a solid foundation in preparation for a successful marriage. Seeking help from a professional therapist will not only give you wisdom from someone with years of practice and experience, but also provides outside perspective that you and your partner may not have seen yet. Set yourself up for a lasting, happy marriage and connect with an MFT today. Get quality counseling with the therapists found through the Counseling California directory. Find help today!

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